Waterfowl hunting for black brant, Canada gees and puddle ducks on the Alaska Peninsula

Waterfowl Hunting for Pacific Black Brant, Canada Geese, puddle and sea ducks

Alaska Waterfowlers Lodge, located adjacent to the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge combines luxury accommodations with world class waterfowl hunting and sport fishing.




Welcome to Alaska Waterfowlers Lodge

Come experience unsurpassed waterfowl hunting in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge at Cold Bay, on the Southwestern tip of the Alaska Peninsula. 


All the worlds’ population of Pacific Black Brant, huge numbers of Canada Geese, puddle and sea ducks call Izembek Lagoon - North Americas largest eel grass bed - home from late August till early November.


We invite you to escape to comfortable accommodations where you will indulge in deluxe meals, be in the company of great hospitality, and take part in phenomenal waterfowl hunting and sport fishing that only you as our guest will come to understand.       



Alaska Waterfowlers Lodge • Phone: 907-346-3983 • E-mail: gohunt@alaskawaterfowlerslodge.com




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